3 Tips When Looking for a MDM Solution

mobile device management tips

Shopping for a mobile device management (MDM) solution can seem like a daunting task for any IT department or even a small business.  Which one do you choose and what do you base your decision on?  Amtel has put together a list of 3 Things you need to look out for when on the hunt for an MDM vendor that are often overlooked.

Ease of Use

Let’s admit it, IT can get complicated, and we sometimes expect it to BE complicated, so we live with that inevitability.  But this does not have to be the case.  When MDM software is difficult to use, roll out of policies and security measures take longer to actually happen.  We’ve seen this first hand, as some of our customers have fought with various other MDM software solutions, and lost. A good MDM will be streamlined and intuitive making it a non-issue to make quick changes and provision new devices.  Amtel’s platform is very easy to use because we’ve put our customers first and studied how they actually use our system (if you want to see for yourself why not start a free trial by clicking here).

Customer Service Track Record

Customer service and support from the vendor when rolling out any new software to an enterprise or small business is the key to success.  When implementation doesn’t work out as planned, IT departments often get blamed, but many times the corporate IT department is not receiving the promised support from the vendor.  Amtel’s excellent customer service has gone a long way in helping our customers get through problems ensuring a smooth roll out and excellent post implementation support.

Integration with Expenses

Wireless expenses are usually overlooked when it comes to an MDM implementation project, because the focus is almost always solely on securing devices and protecting corporate data.  But wireless costs can play a big role in what vendor to choose because with an integrated platform the enterprise will have a better handle on costs and even be able to reduce wireless spend. It also reduces work on both the finance and IT departments by reducing duplicate entry.  With a single system, users and devices are input only once and most of the time integration with active directory will automate the entry process.  Amtel has one integrated platform for both MDM and mobile expenses, giving its users full device lifecycle support.  Particularly handy is the ability to receive alerts when devices start accumulating roaming charges internationally.  Administrators are able to act quickly and change the end users plans before incurring huge overage charges.  This would not be possible if MDM and expenses weren’t tied together.

Keeping these tips in mind when shopping around for and MDM solution can help you avoid major headaches and problems down the road as you try to roll out the solution.  If you’d like to start a free trial of Amtel by NetPlus Mobility, click here.