Amtel Expands Geofencing Security for Mobile Device Security

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Enhanced Security Feature for Corporate-Liable & BYOD Devices Based on Real-Time Location of the Device


SANTA CLARA, CALIF. – April 30, 2012 – Amtel Inc., the industry’s first integrated solution for managing mobile device security and telecom expenses, today announced new enhanced geofencing security capabilities for Apple iOS and Android devices in the enterprise.

Through Amtel’s Mobile Device Security solution, geofencing allows IT administrators to set geographic boundaries that automatically activate or deactivate features and apps on mobile devices enrolled on the platform.

“Geofencing allows our clients to adopt BYOD solutions while maintaining an environment with high levels of security and compliance,” says Pankaj (PJ) Gupta, CEO of Amtel.

Enhanced settings include restricting apps, such as games or categories, or disabling the phone’s camera when the user is within a geofenced area. Additionally, the feature includes automatic Wi-Fi configuration and real-time alerts that notify an administrator when a device enters or exits a geofenced area.

Amtel’s geofencing feature is finding application in many sectors, including finance, government, transportation, healthcare and hi-tech.

Amtel’s MDM solution is based on the following components:

  • Security Management including device configuration, compromised device detection, profile management, remote wipe and content management.
  • Expense Management to track, manage and allocate actual carrier expenses for enterprise mobile devices in real-time, instituting mobile policy and generating alerts and spend reports to users based on corporate policies.
  • Lifecycle Management including workflow procurement, expense allocations and inventory updating to simplify and reduce the costs of provisioning of new devices to users.

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