Amtel Supports Apple iOS 10

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In the past few weeks you’ve seen all the excitement around Apples newest devices like iPhone® 7, iPhone® 7 Plus, and AirPods.   And now that iOS 10 has been officially released and is available for you to update your Apple Devices, your Amtel App is ready for the update too!

We’ve been working hard at Amtel and want you to know that iOS 10 is fully supported by Amtel and we’ve already updated our App. You can download the updated Amtel Secure App in the Apple App Store®.

Amtel App iOS 10

Although if you are still on iOS 7 or below please do not update your Amtel App.  iOS 7 has reached Apple’s end of life with the release of iOS 10 and Apple has restricted Apps in the Apple App store to Apps that are iOS 8 and above.  We strongly encourage you to update your iOS if you are on 7 or below, but if you do not wish to do so, your Amtel App will still work as long as you do not update the Amtel App.

We all know the great new features of iOS 10 like the redesigned iMessage with Tap Backs, Stickers, Invisible Ink, the ability to remove Apple’s built in applications, and the all important refresh of the Control Center and Photos. But did you know that iOS 10 can find your car for you? Pretty cool right? Here are some “secret” features you may not have heard about:

1. Voicemail Transcription
Prefer text messages to listening to long voicemail? Well iOS 10 has you covered, instead of listening to those long messages, they can now be transcribed! Just tap the voicemail and you’ll get a transcription.

2. Apple Maps Remembers Where You Parked
We’ve all been there. Every wander around a huge parking lot looking for your car because you don’t remember where you parked? iOS 10 is so smart it will automatically drop a pin in the Maps app, marking the location of where you parked. Keep in mind though you will need to have CarPlay or Bluetooth connectivity in you car for this feature.

3. Who’s Calling — Siri Can Tell You
When you’re driving and can’t really reach for your phone this new feature is very helpful. Siri can actually announce the name or number of the person that’s calling. Great in promoting driver safety, especially if you have a very mobile workforce driving around.

4. Easier Camera Access
Yes they got rid of the camera button on the locked screen, but just *left swipe* and bam you’re in camera mode, faster and easier to capture those fleeting moments on your phone!

5. Search Your Photos
Yes you can now search your photos! Like I keep saying iOS 10 is smart, very smart. It will analyze your photos to determine the content and you can search for specific things in your photos, such as “sunset.”

Are you loving the new update with iOS 10? What are your favorite features, tweet them to us @NetPlusTMS.


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