Benefits of Real-time Integration of TEM and MDM

With all the excitement around mobile enterprise solutions, Mobile Device Management (MDM) has been all the rage in recent years, while money saving Telecom Expense Management (TEM) solution took the back seat.

What if the MDM and TEM solutions were seamlessly integrated and worked together like hand and glove? To help understand what you may be missing without such an integrated solution, here are some questions that you could ask.

Do you have real-time visibility into service plan overages from a central console?  Can you automatically trigger alerts upon impending roaming charges?

Are you using an intelligent rate plan optimization engine that can help match employees to the best and lowest-cost service plan for their needs based on their actual usage behavior?

Do you get instant visibility into the status of your mobile operations with a dashboard view of inactive devices, discrepancies in charges, and carrier cost comparisons?

Are you able to automate invoice audits and monitor discounts, usage thresholds, and penalty clauses?

Surely, there are tangible benefits to be gained from a solution that helps you to easily and cost-effectively manage your entire mobile and telecom lifecycle. Here is what you get with a fully integrated TEM and MDM solution.

  1. You can simplify and speed up provisioning.  Create user groups and configuration profiles that are shared by the mobile security and expense management solutions. Configure mobile usage policies that are appropriate for user groups. Push to each device, mobile security policies for mandatory apps, whitelists and blacklists, and secure content sharing.
  2. Receive real-time alerts when service plan usage exceeds pre-defined thresholds. Admins can switch to packages with higher data or voice allowances and avoid overages and penalties.
  3. Trigger automatic notifications to user and admin when users are traveling internationally. Admin can take immediate action such as disabling data roaming on the device or send an order to the carrier to switch the user to the appropriate roaming plan for the duration of the trip.
  4. Automatically terminate mobile service when an employee leaves the company. As soon as the employee’s name and credentials are removed from Active Directory, the combined mobile lifecycle management solution can send a disconnect order to the mobile carrier as well as remove email and other corporate data from the departing employee’s device.

While you can easily find point solutions for TEM or MDM, you may be missing out on the ROI that only an integrated solution can provide.