Enterprise Mobility Management – A Case Study

enterprise mobility management

As customers consider investing in an Enterprise Mobility Management Solution, one aspect often overlooked, or more so not available from most mobile device management providers, is telecom expense management for their mobile devices.

Most enterprises have two completely separate and non-integrated platforms for MDM and mobile expenses, which results in duplicate entry and no real handle on inventory.  This poses a problem for accounting, cost allocation, and dispute management.  Not to mention the upkeep of two systems for the enterprise IT department.

The ability of Amtel by NetPlus Mobility to offer our customers a holistic view of their enterprise mobility environment has been a great benefit.  As an example, a large investor owned water company serving over 400,000 customers in the Western United States has utilized Amtel not only to manage mobile devices, mobile apps, but also their mobile expenses.

With a large field service force, the water company takes advantage of Amtel’s robust security features such secure email push, geo-fencing, containerization, and remote device wiping (corporate data only of course).  They also manage their own enterprise app store pushing out their corporate apps and public apps.

But most importantly the integration of telecom expense management provides that holistic view that is so important in Enterprise Mobility Management today.  With a single inventory system the water utility does not have to spend the man power on duplicate entry into two systems.  They can seamlessly procure service through Amtel, then securely provision the phone based on the group it’s added into, and have it automatically billed.  This cuts down manual labor that would normally be required to update two systems when new service is required.

And not to mention the savings they have reaped from utilizing expense management, 26%!  That’s not including the savings in labor from not needing to operate 2 systems.

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