Five Ways to Save Money with Telecom Expense Management

As the bandwidth demands of smartphones and tablets used in the corporate environment continue to skyrocket, an organization needs to monitor and manage its communications spend more closely than ever.  Here are five ways for cutting your company’s mobile and telecom bills with a telecom expense management solution.

1. Avoid excessive roaming charges. Location based controls help identify employees roaming internationally and trigger alerts that force a user to acknowledge he is roaming internationally and could incur very high  charges for roaming data usage. The administrators can turn off data access remotely, or alternatively, associate the subject mobile device with the appropriate service plan with the carrier to avoid excessive charges for international data roaming.

2. Escape overage charges. Rate plan optimization for service plans helps avoid carrier charges for usage overages on voice, text, or data services. Real-time alerts triggered on threshold usage levels and automated upgrading of service plans can be implemented to map users to optimal plans.

3. Disconnect zombie phones. When an employee leaves the company or moves on to another location, do you make sure to disconnect and re-allocate unused lines and services? With regular audits you can eliminate or repurpose zero usage lines. One way to repurpose lines is to add them to spare or stand-by pool and allocating from this pool to meet new demand.

4. Recycle legacy technology and equipment. Are you carrying inventory of legacy technology or equipment that is no longer being used?  Regular audits can surface unused equipment line items that can be recycled, repurposed, auctioned, donated, or destroyed as appropriate. Make sure that any associated services are terminated.

5. Eliminate penalties and reconnection charges. Automated invoice processing can ensure timely payment of bills and avoid any carrier imposed late payment penalties on unpaid or lost bills … and related service disruptions or disconnections.

Savings from these five facets of mobile and telecom expense management add up quickly. If you’re thinking about how you can save money on your company’s mobile and telecom bills, start with these aspects. Amtel can help kick off the project. If you want to learn more, please see Amtel’s TEM solution..