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Mobile Device Management in 3 Easy Steps

Learn how to enroll Android, iPhone, iPad, Blackberry, Windows and other devices using Amtel’s Mobile Device Management solution in three easy steps.

BYOD Security in the Enterprise

Discover how to ensure BYOD security and policy compliance while simplifying enrollment and management with Amtel’s Mobile Device Management solution.

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Mobile App Management

Mobile App Management for smart devices helps organizations to manage both public and private mobile apps on end user devices..

Mobile Security for Enterprise Mobility Management

Enforce mobile security policies, secure workspace restriction, enable secure content sharing with Amtel’s mobile device management solution.

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Secure BYOD and Corporate Mobile Email

Find how to secure corporate email on the mobile device using Amtel MDM Gateway for EAS Exchange Active Sync 2007, 2010, Office 365 & Active Directory.

[image name="video-image-Mobile-Content-Management-web" title="Containerization" alt="Containerization"]

Distribute Files & Media to Mobile Devices

Learn how to send and update various files including different media securely to mobile devices and make them available in a password protected container.

[image name="video-image-Locate-and-Trace-Devices-web" title="GPS Location" alt="GPS Location"]

Locate and Track Devices

Location tracking features, are a way for IT administrators to be able to track device location, location history and enforce policies.

[image name="video-image-Real-Time-Usage-Monitoring-web" title="Real Time Usage Monitoring" alt="Real Time Usage Monitoring"]

Real Time Usage Monitoring

Mobile Usage controls ensure that organizations are staying within their voice, data and text allotments.

[image name="video-image-Configuration-Profiles-web" title="iOS Configuration Profiles" alt="iOS Configuration Profiles"]

iOS Configuration Profiles

Configuration Profiles with Amtel MDM automatically deploys policies to iOS devices in the device group for which that profile was created.

[image name="video-image-Emergency-Notification-web" title="Emergency Notification Service" alt="Emergency Notification Service"]

Emergency Notification Services

Emergency Notifications Services in Amtel MDM allows administrators to send group text messages or push alerts to bulk or selected groups of recipients.

[image name="video-image-Secure-Browser-Kiosk-web" title="iOS Secure Browser Kiosk" alt="iOS Secure Browser Kiosk"]

iOS Secure Browser Kiosk Mode

Kiosk mode is a great tool for IT administrators to make sure users are only able to access approved applications on their iPhones and iPads.

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Integrated Mobile Security & Expense Management

Learn how to manage your Corporate & BYOD mobile smart devices for security & expense management using Amtel’s cloud based solution.