Mobile Device Management for Small Business

mobile device managment small business

You think to yourself, I’m a small business, do I really need Mobile Device Management?

The answer is YES you absolutely do! Mobile Device Management for small businesses is a must in this day and age of mobile EVERYTHING.

One of our clients, a small cab company with about 200 cabs out in the field asked this same questions before they went with Amtel.  You may think but really, I only have a few devices in the field.  Here are reasons why even small businesses need Mobile Device Management:


Increase worker productivity by limiting their access to certain apps and features certain times of day or based on geo-location.  Amtel has Kiosk mode which is particularly useful here as it completely locks up the mobile device to the apps and functions set by the administrator.   For the cab company this was invaluable.  They were able to lock down the tablets the cab drivers used to just the apps needed for their work.  Any small business with a workforce that mainly works outside of an environment during the day can benefit from using Kiosk mode.  You can read more about Kiosk mode here.Safety


You want to keep your workers safe especially if they are operating vehicles or heavy machinery that could endanger others.  This will keep others that are around them safe too.  Mobile devices as we all know can be distracting.  Limiting your workers access to certain features on the phone will keep them focused on their tasks instead of checking text messages or social media.  This keeps them safe and others around them safe by reducing the chances of accidents.

Data Protection

No matter how small you are, I can bet that there is sensitive data on your mobile device.  Whether it’s corporate (customer identifying information such as with the cab company) or your own personal data (let’s face it we’ve all accessed our bank info from mobile apps), that data could be compromised if your device is lost or stolen.  Identity theft is real and it quickly snowballs into a mess that could take months to recover from.  And even worse, if you have to call your clients to tell them they have been compromised because your device was lost or stolen.  Amtel lets you remote wipe your devices off all data, it can even lock the device so you know your data and your client data is always safe and secure.

These benefits don’t just apply to small business though.  Large  enterprises especially can leverage MDM to increase productivity and safety as well as keeping their data locked down.

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