Mobile & Telecom Expense Control Solution

Reduce Mobile and Telecom Expenses and Increase Team Efficiency

Amtel’s solutions for mobile expense management (MEM) and fixed telecom expense management (TEM) help enterprises eliminate upto 40% of their communications expenses.

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  • Control Mobile and Fixed Telecom Expenses
  • Automated Reports to Notify Usage Spikes
  • Workflow based e-Procurement with Carriers
  • Usage based Mobile Policy Implementation
  • Audit and Optimize Bills with Approval Workflow
  • Cost Allocations in Global Currencies
  • Communication Services Assets Tracking
  • Carrier Contract Compliance
  • Budgeting and Forecasting for Telecom Spend
  • Customized Role-based Reporting
  • Professional Services


“Enterprises which had Amtel Mobile & Telecom Life Cycle Solution were able to generate over three times the savings in the first year and sustainable savings in subsequent years compared to those without the program”

Read Case Studies & download Datasheets to learn how customers are reducing expenses by implementing Amtel’s Mobile & Telecom Expense Control Solution.

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Amtel Mobile and Telecom Lifecycle Management Modules

Amtel’s solution addresses and resolves critical issues facing IT professionals, helping minimize communications expenses and increase efficiency. The solution is supported by our industry-leading human support customer service team. Get started today!

Control Mobile & Telecom Costs

Track all mobile & telecom assets across the enterprise with a central repository. An accurate inventory is essential for billing management, monitoring contract expiration, and elimination of unused mobile connections.

Enterprise can provide access to site admins to manage their communication services. Location admins get the insight they need to optimize their department’s cellphone spend. Executive management can view the trends of telecom spend throughout the organization empowering them to control costs.

Workflow e-Procurement Portal

Manage all cellphone & fixed telecom adds, moves, changes, and disconnects using a centralized portal. Amtel software delivers hierarchical procurement management portal. This electronic workflow creates spend controls within an organization. Based on the workflow settings, when an order is placed, it can flow to the departmental head for approval before being sent to the vendor for fulfillment. Companies get complete visibility and control from order initiation through installation to validation.

Mobile Policy Management

Enforce mobile policies in terms of procurement and usage. Amtel’s solution allows telecom managers to set up thresholds across multiple parameters for different user groups. The system can automatically monitor company’s cell phone policy, flag outliers, and send audit reports to the managers responsible for the appropriate cost centers.

Contracts Negotiation & Compliance

Monitors and ensures compliance with multiple carrier contracts by tracking:

  • Effective & Expiration Date
  • Term Length & Renewal Type
  • Monthly & Annual Commitment
  • Discounts & Disconnection Penalty Clauses

The Contract Manager tracks monthly spend to correlate commitment levels and SLAs and even automates renewal notifications for the contracts nearing the end of their term.

Centralized Reporting

Intelligent business reporting increases operational efficiency and planning.

There are over 100+ Reports in the Amtel Solution, including:

  • Trending and Analysis
  • Top Telecom Usage Users in the Enterprise
  • Audit Communication Charges against Contracts
  • Mobile Policy Audit & Compliance
  • Mobile & Telecom Invoice Exception Report

Reports can be downloaded into multiple formats: excel, csv, doc, pdf, tiff, web archive. Reports have an in-build scheduler, which allows scheduling the delivery of reports automatically on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis.

Invoice Audits & Allocations

Conduct detailed invoice audits comparing invoice data to inventory and contract data. Identify discrepancies and produce billing tickets which are logged with the carrier for reconciliation and recovery of inaccurate charges.

Automate company-wide chargebacks across groups, departments and locations. The Invoice Manager accepts invoices in a wide variety of formats depending upon how the telecom carriers makes their invoice data available. Amtel support formats including EDI, CD, XML, Web & Paper. Deliver a hierarchical workflow for invoice approvals. The system then tracks the invoice movement through each approval level in your organization all the way to accounts payable.

Budgets and Forecasting

The Budgets and Forecasting modules allow organizations to build mobile spend scenarios and compare with actual expenses. It allows financial managers to build different models of telecom spend and compare them with actual spend. It centralizes the data and automates the collection of that data needed for telecom budgetary planning. Such automation simplifies the planning process at the end of the fiscal year.

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