Rate Plan Optimization for Mobile Expense Management

For mobile expense management, Rate Plan Analysis (RPA) can save money for your organization by taking a chunk out of your monthly mobile bill.  By monitoring and analyzing historical mobile device usage patterns for employees, a mobile and telecom expense management solution (TEM) can make actionable recommendations for new or modified service plans, resulting in substantial savings in monthly recurring expenses.

Because carriers often change options, feature bundles, pools and prices, you may no longer have the best service plans for your current business conditions. By running a rate plan analysis, admins get the insight they need to optimize the organization’s mobile telecom spend and understand what service plans and features need to be altered to get more bang for the buck. Our proprietary rate plan optimization algorithms help you achieve desired service levels at minimum spend.

By mapping usage patterns against a comprehensive database of service plans and special offers, our experts determine which plans will be the best for employee groups in your company.  For example, the organization’s pool of mobile minutes and data plan bandwidth can be allocated to minimize cost of services. Admin team can easily build usage scenarios and compare costs to establish trade-offs that help save money. Voice minutes, text messages, multimedia messages, and data plans can be tweaked based on usage, and optimized on a monthly basis. Our support team helps automate implementation of approved changes with the carriers.

Rate Plan Optimization helps minimize expensive overages on data plans and voice minutes and at the same time reduces the cases where you pay for plans you don’t need, that may contain more minutes and data bandwidth than what your employees actually use. When your usage is on plan, the carriers make a profit but when you are over or under plan, the carriers make even bigger profit. So the money saving goal for your company is to stay on plan and adjust the plans so they map closely to actual usage.

With Amtel TEM solution, you can rest assured that end-users get the services they need, while you take control of your telecom spend.