Geofencing & GPS Tracking

Amtel’s mobile security and mobile apps management solutions deliver robust geofencing and location based control capabilities, allowing companies to simplify mobile solutions while maintaining an environment with high levels of security and compliance.



Automatically activate or deactivate device features and access to apps and corporate data based on GPS location of enrolled mobile devices relative to geofence boundaries.

  • Automatic Wi-Fi configuration as device moves in and out of geofence boundaries
  • Restriction on game and social apps in geofenced area
  • Disabling of camera and other device settings to protect sensitive data


Configure geofence settings that define geofence boundaries and control behavior of devices and apps for compliance with corporate security policies.

  • Configure multiple geofencing geographic boundaries in management console
  • Allocate role based admin rights for geofencing management
  • Generate alerts and reports for admin when device enters or exits the geofenced area


Simplify mobile worker experience via dynamic app and data access rights and restrictions based on device location.

  • Automatically enable mail and network access settings when user’s devices enter work locations
  • Restrict market app access in geofenced area
  • Apps can appear or disappear based on settings when user enters or exits geofence boundaries
  • Disable GPS tracking of BYOD device outside work locations to preserve privacy of the user device


Locate lost mobile phone or tablet using GPS device tracking capabilities. Monitor locations of a fleet of devices and generate audit logs.

  • “Locate Me Now” feature provides geo codes to pin-point the precise physical device location
  • Track geographic location of a fleet of devices on a map
  • Log location history of a device at specified intervals

Enterprises are faced with the complexity of managing security and restrictions on users’ mobile devices when they are in proximity of certain locations such as work premises. With BYOD, it is becoming even more crucial because users may have features, apps and content enabled on their personal devices which may pose security threats. Geofencing security is the answer.

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