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More in-depth telecom expense management videos are available after secure login to Amtel solution console

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Automate Telecom Expense Management

Learn how to manage both fixed and mobile telecom services using Amtel Cloud solution.

[image name="video-image-Inventory-Asset-Management"]

Telecom Assets and Inventory Management

The Telecom Asset Management module in the Amtel solution allows IT administrators to track all fixed telecom and mobile assets across the enterprise

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Mobile Policy Management

Mobile usage policy in Amtel solution allows organizations to enforce mobile policies and set up thresholds with multiple parameters to ensure compliance.

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Telecom Invoices Management

Telecom invoices management in Amtel TEM solution provides detailed invoice audits that compares actual invoice data against inventory and contract data.

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Telecom Budgets Management

Telecom Budget and Forecasting enables financial departments and IT managers to build different scenarios of telecom spend.